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Technical Cofounder / CTO

Full-time, Cofounder, Capital Region
Monthly salary:



To be negotiated

We are changing the experience of making a CV. With heavy emphasis on design we're about to provide the easiest way to create a visually attractive CV. The idea is now validated with over 3000 clients. Based on a year of data from the target market we are now starting to develop the platform and turn into B2B business model with practically unlimited scalability. Are you the technical cofounder to ride a proven idea into international success with us?

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This is a great opportunity for a strong developer to work on already proven idea and create the whole technical side from scratch. The work starts from building an visual CV editor that will be used by the biggest names in the recruitment industry. After showing you're the cofounder we need, you'll receive considerable equity in the company. 

We expect passion for creating code. Sense of humour and good work ethics should be included in the package. As a company we provide our users a better chance to get their dream job. Now it's your time to get involved in a business that's already thriving.

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