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We Encourage Oy

We Encourage Education, an impact startup, is on a mission to enable education, empower women and stop forced marriages. We Encourage Education utilizes new technologies such as AI and blockchain to empower women, to create a global community and an incentivising system for families to educate their daughters instead of them being forced into marriage. The startup builds its ground-breaking business model in international collaboration with expert organisations on women’s issues and exploring possibilities with impact technology experts. With an increasing number of social media followers, an impressive advisory panel and a growing team, We Encourage Education is on a path to revolutionise the way we think about giving and how we can help those in need.


DooApp connects local businesses with active consumers in the area. DooApp is a free mobile service that helps users in finding extensive and personalized information about all free-time activities nearby. For businesses, DooApp offers a new and efficient way to do personal, context-aware and non-disruptive advertising.

3D Talo Finland Oy

We are 3D Talo - the most versatile provider of digital reality solutions for challenging industry needs. In our work we utilize all XR-technologies to develop your business further and as a leading technological partner we assure that both, our own team and our customers do always have the most recent technologies and solutions at their disposal. We specialize in developing solutions for our customers who are working with heavy industry, but we are more than capable of providing solutions to any imaginable uses: be it a visualization and training environment in VR for a new hospital ward or a factory extension or a new design and XR simulator for a new machinery, we can and will do it. To summarize it all: we build prototypes, model environments and visualize almost anything virtually, so that the reality would never caught you, your team or your customer by surprise.


The story behind Linear began in 2018 when our other service Dixu was founded in Helsinki, Finland. While working on that project, we met multiple realtors and other operators working in the real estate industry and heard the difficulties they had with the manual labor. Also, the lack of modern-day practices within the field was unavoidable to see. We could not ignore the problem so instead, we decided to create a solution - Linear. Today, Linear offers exclusive digital services especially build for businesses working in the real estate industry.


Quanturi Oy was founded in 2016 as a forerunner in deploying IoT sensor systems to farming industry. In just a few years, the company has gained a strong position in the business, extending its presence also to related industries like forestry and bioprocessing. Our products include specialized sensor systems and online service applications for visualizing and utilizing sensor data. is the best service for elderly people and their families. The platform connects students to elderly who need help with housework, staying active, transportation, technology lessons and more. enables elderly people to live a longer happier life in their own homes.We also create meaningful jobs for young people. Friendship across generations.


Ninchat offers leading, secure communication service for large enterprises. Includes internal team messaging and external communication (chat, files, video, bots/ai connectivity, business automation) inside customer online services, intranet or mobile apps. Product in customer look&feel.Our reference customers include the largest health services providers in Finland (internal team chat, doctor-patient chat in mobile apps & in web), insurance companies etc. Customers in 5 countries.


Finnadvance is developing miniature chips for the pharmaceutical industry and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery. This lowers costs by reducing the need for animal studies. The chips are used to develop cures for rare diseases and to develop personalized medicine.


Screenful integrates with the most commonly used task management tools (such as Jira, Trello, Asana, or GitHub), and creates visual dashboards and automated reports that can easily be shared with others. Screenful helps teams to avoid those low value weekly status update meetings by automating the report generation and distribution to the right people. The 2018 Arctic15 Funding Program winner with hundreds of customers in 40+ different counties. Wanna be part of a global success story?

Voima Ventures

Voima Ventures helps founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. We shed light on the ideas and technology which require time and courage to build.The way we work is simple: we combine science-driven innovation together with the Nordic serial entrepreneurial experience and a global mindset. Voima Ventures helps founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. Voima Ventures is the 50M€ truly deep tech fund launched in spring 2019. We are aiming to make appx 25-30 new investments from the fund. We invest across all stages starting from a spin-off and seed, up to series A and growth. We primarily invest in Finland, Nordics, and Baltics.

Dimalog Oy Ltd

The next industrial revolution is about more than just advanced technologies. It’s about bringing those technologies together in a meaningful, interconnected way. At Dimalog we help our customers to digitize their operations by providing mobile and collaborative robot applications, integrations and software for Manufacturing, Logistics, Medical & Healthcare.

Games Factory Talents

Games Factory Talents helps matching developers with Finnish and Nordic game studios. Our mission is to find you the perfect job in the game industry, whether you are an artist, programmer or designer. We have close connections with some of the leading game studios in Finland . Tell us about yourself, attach your CV and we will be in touch with you when a suitable position opens up.Our key talent attraction activities are Games Job Fairs and matchmaking developers to game companies.  We help matching developers with game companies. The team has a track record of organising successful recruitment events, leading to hired developers for the Finnish game industry.Our key talent attraction activities are Games Job Fairs, matchmaking developers to Finnish game companies and outstaffing developers for fixed term projects. We have an ever-growing GDPR compliant database of developers.

Consair oy

Every construction worker retires healthy, simple as that.Construction site dust is reactive, alkaline and contains heavy metals. This gives rise to construction workers extensive health hazards. Consair is professional in construction site dust management. Our CAMU D2 clean air management unit catches 99% of dust in plaster mixing and makes mixing safe and effective.

IsoSkills Oy

IsoSkills is the go-to company for organizations looking to find professional IT development, testing and management services. We are helping organizations to implement and scale their projects with our specialists or develop their vision into viable IT software solutions and services.  Growing our services in Nordics, IsoSkills has built the reputation of leveraging new technology and methodology, engaging talent for our clients efficiently and effectively.

WeHost Oy

WeHost is a short-term rental management service operating in Finland. We give property owners the opportunity to benefit from the lack of usage of their own apartment. We offer a full property management service that gives apartment owner’s opportunity to turn their homes into investments.Our service consists of listing the apartment to various online marketplaces, taking care of guests, customizing the pricing and managing behind the scenes operations from linen-service to maintenance.