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Pricetap is the only customer loyalty service that lets retailers know customer desires in order to discreetly automate personalised offers. We do this with an app for shoppers to create wish lists and get personal rewards both online or by scanning in-store price tags (e.g. on a dress). Kiuas Startup Accelerator (Finland's #1) 2019 Community Prize // Top 10 Ship Startup Festival // Top 30 Nordics Arctic15 Funding program // Award winning team // Global-level funders .

Futureplay Games

Futureplay was founded in 2015 by a team of five Finnish gaming veterans who shared a vision to transform the way mobile games are played around the world. We’ve a focus on creating beautifully designed, easy-to-pick-up-and-play mobile games, and our portfolio includes Idle Farming Empire, Idle City Empire, Idle Crafting Empire and Idle Tuber Empire - and most recently, Battlelands Royale. At Futureplay, teams are 100% autonomous and free to do their thing as top-notch professionals.  Complicated hierarchies and organizational models create silos that kill creativity, autonomy, and leave no room for exploration. Futureplay is a streamlined, lean organization with as little hierarchy as possible. It creates discussions, sometimes heated ones, but we want everyone to voice their opinion on matters they find important for themselves and for our company. No office politics, no big egos. Just great people working together to create something they're proud of.We aim to be a safe space in which our people are able to get their voices heard, get and receive feedback and grow as people and professionals. And we’re not just paying lip-service to that - we mean it. Every Friday, we all participate in 'Futureplaygrounds' - time away from the day-to-day to focus on learning those professional skills we’ve always wanted to develop, but never quite found the time for.

Jukola7 Oy - J7ER - Search Fund - EtsimisRahasto

10 000 yli 10 hengen yritystä on tulossa omistaja-yrittäjän eläkeikään seuraavan kymmenen vuoden aikana Suomessa.Jukola7 ER etsii sopivaa yritystä ostettavaksi, 1-2 osakasta ja sopivia rahoittajia.Kerään tiimiä, jossa on  toisiaan tukevat osaamiset.Juridinen etsintäväline on Jukola7 Oy. Etsijät sitoutuvat tasa-palkkoihin ja omistusosuuksiin. Osakkaalla tulee olla varaa omaan työaikaansa 6-12 kk Jukola7 ER on Suomen ensimmäinen etsintärahasto. Etsimme osakkaita rahastoon.Kerään tiimiä, jossa on tukevat osaamiset.Juridinen etsintäväline on Jukola7 Oy. Etsijät sitoutuvat tasa-palkkoihin ja omistusosuuksiin. Tiimin koko tulee olemaan 2-3 henkeä. Osakkaalla tulee olla varaa omaan työaikaansa 12 kk ja kyky tukea Jukola7 Oy:n kiinteää kk kustannusta 400 €/kk per henkilö. Jukola7 Oy:llä on valmis oy infra, koneet ja lisenssit ja historia, jolla voi vakuuttaa sijoittajat ja myyjät siitä, että olemme tosissaan liikkeellä.Katso nämä linkit läpi ensin. läpi nämä dokumentit GDrive linkin takana tämä harjoitus - jos osaamisesi on tiimiä tukevaa ja vahvistavaa lähetä tämän linkin takana oleva gdrive ppt sivu takaisin minulle CV si kanssa. nämä muutamat blogi kirjoitukset J7ER olet oikea henkilö, niin tiedät miten toimia.Lauri


Monochrome is the Leading Creative Influencer Marketing agency in Finland. We combine the brands with the most suitable influencers. Our team is growing, and we are looking for someone who is talented and motivated to do and learn. Someone who dreams big, but most importantly someone who is ready to execute those dreams and ideas.


Cuitu is a fashion brand. We create high-end trendy clothing and accessories which are made of new material innovations and recycled materials. We have built the entire business idea around circular economy which means that we pay attention to the whole life cycle of the product.We combine textures with unisex shapes. We create minimalistic, compelling pieces by creating interesting shapes with fabric manipulation. We promise you no more compromises between sustainability and trendiness.


Integrify teaches immigrants coding and places them into jobs.Mission: Integrify enables integration through technology. We help newcomers kick-start their new life in Finland by providing them with a world-class education and job opportunities.To accomplish this, Integrify focuses on the ultimate meritocracy; software development.With our model companies get talented junior software developers that are ready to hit the ground & video

Starship Technologies

At Starship, we are redefining how goods reach the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services becomes available to everyone – made possible by our awesome autonomous neighbourhood robots. We have brought together some incredible talent and have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. We believe that soon there will be thousands of our robots around the world.  We learn with each journeyEach of us, no matter where we are in our organization, can always get better. Like our robots, the insight collected yesterday will make us smarter tomorrow. Whilst we love to succeed, we celebrate our missteps as an opportunity to improve. Data Guides the way We take pride in explaining our reasonings to out colleagues. Just as our service collect data to help decide what to do next, we gather and analyse data to communicate with purpose and drive better decision-making.  We work as one teamWe take inspiration from the coordinated movements of our fleet. We strive to perform as one cohesive team - working across groups, offices and timezones. We take ownership for what needs to get done and help each other to sole problems. We climb over curbsWe enjoy taking on big challenges. Just as our robots find the way through complex environments, we too are resourceful and inventive. We never give up - we are relentless in our pursuit of a solution.We always deliverOur service consistently delights customers with each and every delivery. We are action-oriented, result-driven and dependable. We value people who get job done.

Free-Laskutus Oy

Free- Laskutus tarjoaa erilaisen tavan työllistyä ja työllistää. Kauttamme onnistuu niin omien töiden laskutus kuin koko yrityksesi henkilökunnan työllistäminen. Free:n kautta voit myös kokeilla liikeideaasi käytännössä ilman yrittäjänriskiä ja byrokratiaa. Meille on tärkeää olla mukana tuottamassa laadukasta palvelua, joka mahdollistaa työllistymisen myös niille, joiden on ollut vaikea saada työsopimusta aiemmin. Haluamme, että palvelumme olisi ovien avaaja kohtia uusia uria työmarkkinoilla.

Growth Tribe Finland

Growth Tribe is Europe’s first growth academy. We are obsessed with empowering people and companies to rapidly gain skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’ and we do this by making learning engaging and easy for adults. Our continuous curriculum deployment approach to our courses (that are updated weekly, not yearly), ensures we remain agile and capable of teaching people the most relevant digital skills at the right time.

Two Tails

Food is one of the most exciting things in life. Our dogs deserve to enjoy their food as much as we do with ours.We believe that dog food does not have to be made on the expense of the planet. We also believe that dog food should look like food. And This is how Two Tails was born: No Compromises & No Bullshit, only delicious and honest food made from Nordic ingredients that excites and inspires us and our beloved dogs.

Y4 Works

The public employment service industry is going to be revolutionalized within a few years. Finding a job, upgrading yourself with modern career skills or starting out as an employer? Preventing unemployment marginalization through empowerment? We're here to spearhead that change with new and exciting services for job seekers and employers alike.

Vorna ID

Vorna ID provides a standard interface for logging in to electronic web services, and once the user has been authenticated, the web service learns the user's and his or her global corporate identity and the permissions associated with that application.  Vorna ID is a standard authentication solution that does not require customization - it is quick to deploy. The functions provided by the service are typically solved individually and manually by the service provider.


Loiston is a fast growing enterprise software company based in Helsinki, Finland with nearly 100 notable customers. Our solutions are focused across the Print, ERP and Construction vertical sectors and can scale to support even the largest of global customers. Loiston Oy was born out of the merger of Bitmill Oy and Erisoft Oy, two successful Finnish software companies, with a long track record of providing exemplary software solutions and top notch customer service and support.

Plan Brothers

We're a tech company with a mission to develop SaaS products that make gathering, managing, sharing and analysing field information as easy as possible for the end users. We serve various industries, and have users in more than 70 countries. Our head office is located in Helsinki, Finland, and we also have operations in Brazil and UK. We work with the newest technologies which makes work challenging and fun at the same time. Our office, which is in the centre of Helsinki, has a relaxing atmosphere that provides resources for constant learning and development. At Plan Brothers we are a team of international people from all over the world. In our team everyone has a voice, ideas are heard and appreciated. We are not just colleagues but also good friends and enjoy our time together even outside office hours. As a growing company we are always looking for new talent. If you feel like we are the right company for you, do not hesitate to apply to our open positions or contact us.

Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is one the leading seed stage focused VCs in the Nordics. Butterfly Ventures was founded in 2012. Ever since then we’ve been one of the most active early stage VCs in the region. We have an office in Oulu, Helsinki and Stockholm. We're investing in the seed stage startups particularly from Finland, but also from other Nordic countries and Baltics. Right now we’re looking for deep tech, HW and HW interfacing SW.