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Emooter is an app that helps people and teams improve and sustain their well-being at work. Based on short discussions with Emooter’s Virtual Work Well-being Guide you get personal feedback, ideas, nudges, and job crafting challenges – all based on scientific research and all aiming for improved well-being. For teams and organizations, Emooter offers continuous and reliable analysis of well-being based on scientifically valid measures.

Pinoa Foods

Pinoa Foods builds hydroponic systems for vertical farming, utilising latest technological solutions. In addition, Pinoa produces microgreens, baby leaves and edible flowers in an urban environment, which they cater to restaurants and grocery stores. Microgreens are shoots of salads, with strong flavours and exceptional nutritional values.Automated vertical hydroponics powered by renewable energy.


Unevn ® is a startup company founded in the spring 2016. The idea is to develop a portable All-In-One gaming desk for gamers that have the need to move their gaming setup for instance to LAN-parties or just to store it in a compact package when not playing. We have the vision to not only make a portable gaming desk, but also to offer the best gaming experience all together by combining all the essential in coherent ensemble.


ChiQR produces a service that helps companies in various industries to reach and serve Chinese customers more effectively. ChiQR is developing its service around the WeChat program, which is China’s most popular mobile service with around 1 billion users. 

 ChiQR started a pilot project in fall 2019, to ensure that its services run properly. The ChiQR pilot will have three main focuses, through which we intend to improve the ability to find Chinese customers and to enhance their customer experience and payments. Findability ChiQR WeChat mini-programs are location-based. Over 60% of Chinese tourists check nearby WeChat mini-programs upon arrival in a new city or location. The programs are run directly on WeChat, China’s most popular mobile application.
 Customer experience With ChiQR WeChat mini-programs, you can create an individualised, Chinese-language customer experience. The program allows you to offer coupons and special offers, more information on products, offer reservations digitally, or even create an online shop Payment WeChat Pay is China’s most popular payment system. ChiQR offers WeChat Pay services for your direct use, so you can accept payment from Chinese customers by their preferred method. The payment service technology is provided by the Finnish company, ePassi Offering WeChat services influences the purchasing decisions for over 90% of Chinese customers. Over 70% of Chinese customers will buy more if they can use WeChat services. Use cases With ChiQR WeChat mini-programs, you can serve Chinese customers on a broad basis in various customer service situations and for a number of specific uses. 1. IN STORE - ChiQR WeChat mini-programs allow you to serve and activate customers in store using various types of content, campaigns and coupons. 2. COUPONS & SPECIAL OFFERS - With ChiQR WeChat mini-programs, you can reach customers with e.g. location-based offers and gift coupons. 3. ONLINE SHOP- Upcoming features include the ability to create a direct online shop within the ChiQR WeChat mini-program. This enables the customer to purchase products in advance and pick them up in-store. 4. LIFESTYLE SERVICES - The location-based tools of ChiQR WeChat mini-programs will enable a number of lifestyle services, ranging from food orders to car hire, or just buying cinema tickets.


Enevo is a full-service waste and recycling management company that is transforming the waste industry into the data-driven era. Enevo brings together experts in software and hardware engineering, user experience, data analytics, networking, and waste management experts. We are the first-mover in the waste sensor space and have a mature IoT-sensor solution that continuously monitors the fill levels of waste containers to determine when service is needed. This allows our customers to operate with an on-demand model instead of using traditional fixed schedules and routes, which creates significant benefits both in terms of efficiency and service quality.


What do we do? We build Ed Games that world has not yet seen. We bring repeated lerning to new level by implementing simple quiz questions into classic arcade games. And we share the games for free for every learner. So where does the money come from? We collect the data from learning and sell it to schools for yearly student licences. Our data specialist is constantly looking for new ways to find anomalies and connections between teacheble subjects. We are enthusiastic to see if we can find new ways to help students and teachers for example finding about new learning disabilities. What are we looking for? We are looking for a responsible investor to fund our start and share us the knowledge about marketing our product abroad after pilot stage in Finland.