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We Encourage Oy

We Encourage Education, an impact startup, is on a mission to enable education, empower women and stop forced marriages. We Encourage Education utilizes new technologies such as AI and blockchain to empower women, to create a global community and an incentivising system for families to educate their daughters instead of them being forced into marriage. The startup builds its ground-breaking business model in international collaboration with expert organisations on women’s issues and exploring possibilities with impact technology experts. With an increasing number of social media followers, an impressive advisory panel and a growing team, We Encourage Education is on a path to revolutionise the way we think about giving and how we can help those in need.


DooApp connects local businesses with active consumers in the area. DooApp is a free mobile service that helps users in finding extensive and personalized information about all free-time activities nearby. For businesses, DooApp offers a new and efficient way to do personal, context-aware and non-disruptive advertising.


What do we do? We build Ed Games that world has not yet seen. We bring repeated lerning to new level by implementing simple quiz questions into classic arcade games. And we share the games for free for every learner. So where does the money come from? We collect the data from learning and sell it to schools for yearly student licences. Our data specialist is constantly looking for new ways to find anomalies and connections between teacheble subjects. We are enthusiastic to see if we can find new ways to help students and teachers for example finding about new learning disabilities. What are we looking for? We are looking for a responsible investor to fund our start and share us the knowledge about marketing our product abroad after pilot stage in Finland.

3D Talo Finland Oy

We are 3D Talo - the most versatile provider of digital reality solutions for challenging industry needs. In our work we utilize all XR-technologies to develop your business further and as a leading technological partner we assure that both, our own team and our customers do always have the most recent technologies and solutions at their disposal. We specialize in developing solutions for our customers who are working with heavy industry, but we are more than capable of providing solutions to any imaginable uses: be it a visualization and training environment in VR for a new hospital ward or a factory extension or a new design and XR simulator for a new machinery, we can and will do it. To summarize it all: we build prototypes, model environments and visualize almost anything virtually, so that the reality would never caught you, your team or your customer by surprise.


The story behind Linear began in 2018 when our other service Dixu was founded in Helsinki, Finland. While working on that project, we met multiple realtors and other operators working in the real estate industry and heard the difficulties they had with the manual labor. Also, the lack of modern-day practices within the field was unavoidable to see. We could not ignore the problem so instead, we decided to create a solution - Linear. Today, Linear offers exclusive digital services especially build for businesses working in the real estate industry.


Quanturi Oy was founded in 2016 as a forerunner in deploying IoT sensor systems to farming industry. In just a few years, the company has gained a strong position in the business, extending its presence also to related industries like forestry and bioprocessing. Our products include specialized sensor systems and online service applications for visualizing and utilizing sensor data.